Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I have no title for this post...

Getting in any drawing time during the summer seems to get harder and harder the further we get into the calender - the more it fills up. So heres a sketch i did alittle while back, hopefully another coloured version to follow when i can find the time. :)



Ken said...

Hey nice work u got here! Im keen to see more :D

And thank you for the kind words on my blog - much appreciated!

Rowan Dodds said...

Hi Shannon
You have some really nice illustration work here, I especially like all your character sketches.

There almost seems to be something lost when translating your characters to colour as I seem to like the sketches better. I don't know, maybe if you played with different qualities and varied thickness outlines it would help give the coloured versions more sensitivity?

A lot of illustrators will even bring some of their sketch linework into the finished product to keep that initial fresh feeling alive.

Anyway, your work looks amazing, and congratulations on your book and flash series!!

~Shannon~ said...

Thanks Ken, and your welcome :)

Rowan, thanks for your comments. Yes, people tend to like my sketches better than finished work, which is why i'm working on it.
In terms of line quality, i'm afraid thats what you get with a flash line... thats why i'm hoping to try some different tecniques in the future. But thanks for the comments none the less! They are always helpful!

Dipesh said...

nice work! love the afro pig tails and rollar skates!