Saturday, August 2, 2008

Activity Sheets

Here are some colouring sheets i did for the local kids in my hometown. Its just alittle something for them to do, and helps us promote the book. Hope you like. :)
And yeah, i know the blogs been a little neglected these days - fellow Canadians understand when we only get a few months of the year of great weather to enjoy, and with so many events going on. Come fall i will definately be posting more regularly again!


Lorraine said...

great stuff! Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!

james_william_walsh said...

hey shannon, thanks for your comment. i would love to be added to your links! i'll add you with my next post. great stuff

Joseph Lee said...

Adorable designs! Great job!

Dipesh said...

great job shan! these look awsome

Eric Z said...

hey these are great I love these designs. It'll be neat to see the next book and thanks for the firt one.

Ken said...

very cute characters Shannon!

Not sure if I responded to the comment you left on my blog a while back, just want to say I am glad you enjoyed my videos! I know what you mean about patience though, I have very little of it, hence my paintings are always half finished haha.

I must say though, I love flash artwork when done well and yours definitely is! Looking forward to more :D

~Shannon~ said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Lorriane - yes i am enjoying my summer, hope you have too!

James, thanks alot! Your added, look forward to seeing more of your stuff! :)

Joseph - thanks!

Dipesh & Eric - thanks as always!!

Ken - I definately love the videos and will keep checkin back! Thanks for your kind comments aswell!