Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yin Yang Yo Season 2 wrap up!

Well we've wrapped up another season of Yin Yang Yo. It was a fun show to work on - super cartoony and pretty zanny! I was one of many flash animators working on the show. We had a really great crew and i'm really happy with how it turned out concidering the turn over time. Awesome job everyone!!

If you wanna check it out, here are a few episodes!

O' Brother There Art Thou (part a)

O' Brother There Art Thou (part b)



The Huntsman said...

Awesome. Would you happen to know how successful the second season has been so far? "Yin Yang Yo!" was the highest rated animated program in its first season, but the second season debuted in January and I haven't heard anything about how good it has been doing in the ratings.

I've also heard that Toon Disney / Jetix is going to become Disney XD; I wonder if "Yin Yang Yo!" will survive the transition and be shown on Disney XD as well.

~Shannon~ said...

Thanks fot the comment Huntsman! I don't know how well the second season is doing actually...We live and work here in Canada, thats where the show was made. It only airs on saturday mornings at 6:30 am, so i don't catch it much... and from talking to other kids around here they don't always know about it. The other show we work on (total Drama Island) seems to be more popular with the kids up here. We actually worked on 2 and a half seasons in total of Yin Yang Yo (myself only working on the last 1.5 seasons) and as far as i know that is it. Disney didn't want to continue it anymore.
Thats all i know, other than it was fun to work on. I'd be interested to know if you hear anything else on your end. Where are you from? Europe? the states?

The Huntsman said...

I live in the United States. Here, "Yin Yang Yo!" airs in primetime on Toon Disney, usually at 8:30 in the evening. The series was obviously successful at one time, as a lot of episodes were ordered for the second season, but I guess its star has faded. I would still like to see a third season, but sixty-five episodes isn't bad.

As for "Total Drama Island", it's been getting the best ratings on Cartoon Network. Everybody I know loves it, even the ones who hate real reality shows.

~Shannon~ said...

Yeah, it happens.
Glad to hear TDI is doing well over there though. The first season already aired over here, and got a great response! We are starting production of second season now, so we'll cross our fingers it does well - it keeps people like me employed :)

Thanks for your comments again!


Anonymous said...

Wikipedia says that there will be a third season in around 2010 (44 episodes). Is this true or a fake? I hope it's not.
YYY! has a loooooot of fans and all of them want a third season - me too. :/

bokuwakawaii said...

You're the animator of Yin Yang Yo?OMG!!!I'M A BIG FAN OF YYY!!!My fav character is Yang!!Infact,I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!!His personality,his eyes,his colour!!DO YOU KNOW I SAW EVERY EPISODE IN JUST ONE WEEK!!??I'm waiting impatiently for season 3 that show always makes me laugh,and whenever i'm down,i watch YYY to cheer me up!I was once all quiet and stuff,but seeing how much fun the twins had by being happy-go-lucky and stuff,it really lighten up my personality,and now people can't take my blabbering and stuff!Espiecially when i'm feeling specially happy-go-lucky,i go crazy losing sense of friend and foe!YYY is my favourite show!!I became addicted to it the first time i saw i- erm,too much??